The Dive-In-Dialogue (Diversity and Inclusion through Dialogic Gatherings) project will prioritize the task of inclusion and diversity by helping to overcome the barriers faced by the target group in the school system - disadvantaged students who are at risk of failure. By providing an evidence-based, rich, interactive and dialogical learning environment through a dialogic meeting, the Dive-In-Dialogue project will improve the key competencies of the target group, thus contributing to better learning outcomes and integration into school and society. At the same time, the Dive-In-Dialogue project will support teachers, school leaders and educators by providing them with the knowledge and resources to reliably conduct dialogue meetings that have been shown to improve results and enable inclusion and social cohesion for the most disadvantaged in many contexts.

Project duration

December 31st, 2021 - December 31st, 2024

Project goal

The project will promote scientific, mathematical, artistic, literary and musical conversational meetings at the schools on national and transnational levels. We will create the conditions (through training, resources and platforms) to make the Dialogic Gatherings reliable and accessible to all teachers in Europe.



Belinda Lovrenčič
07 393 45 53, 031 746 004

Tina Kržišnik
05 907 57 18

The project is co-founded by the European Union from the Erasmus + Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships.


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