Project name: Wellness – Developing skills for well-being
Project duration period:
1. 1. 2013–31. 12. 2014
Funding value:
45,921.09 €
Funding sources:
Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Multilateral Projects


Target group: professionals in education and adult learners

Summary (project goals and purpose)

Many professionals in education are emotionally involved in their work, and they also face complex interpersonal relationships. If one does not develop effective life strategies and cannot properly manage stress, it can lead to the syndrome of burnout. The purpose of the project was to equip professionals in adult education and their participants with practical skills that will enable them to successfully cope with daily challenges, ensuring sustainable well-being.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • to study the needs of professionals in the field of adult education and their participants, in particular, to evaluate their basic level of well-being,
  • to raise awareness of the fact that well-being is an essential basis for effective learning and teaching,
  • to provide the instruments and tools for professionals employed in the field of adult education to effectively control the level of stress, stimulate creativity, enhance communication skills, to attain a higher level of self-awareness (values, needs, body, feelings, thoughts, behavior patterns), to effectively control emotions and improve self-motivation,
  • to develop high-quality materials for professionals in adult education,
  • to increase the satisfaction and engagement of professionals working in adult education and to prevent burnout,
  • to increase the quality and improve European dimensions of adult education,
  • to contribute to the development of measurable indicators of well-being.

Project results

  • We carried out an international study on the well-being of professionals and participants in adult education.
  • We developed high-quality training programmes for adult education professionals and interesting workshops for the training of participants.
  • We carried out the pilot implementation of programmes in which we tested the developed programmes for professionals and participants in adult education.
  • We developed new tools and aids (a guide for professionals in adult education, leaflets, and an online platform for sharing materials and experiences among professionals).

The project manager at the Development and Education Centre Novo mesto was Marjeta Gašperšič. Further information about the project is available at ric@ric-nm.si.




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