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Dear future partners. 

RIC Novo mesto is one of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia with more than 60 years of experience in working with adults. We develop and offer non-formal and formal education for different vulnerable target groups of adults. We have extensive experience in Erasmus+ projects KA2 (see our PIF). Thus, we believe that we can bring added value to any new project that you or your organization might be developing.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in the management and implementation of various international and national projects, and we have experience in the field of guidance as well.  We also have ICT experts working at our organization, which means we can set up a project web page, design visual identity, develop different videos, have experiences in creating Moodle courses, can lead dissemination activities or quality assurance etc. Additionally, we have a vast network of external experts who can ensure the professional development of innovative methods, tools in the education reports and their implementation. We have quality connections with key partners at the local, regional, national and EU levels, so we can participate in KA2 projects in the fields of ADU, SCH or VET.

If you have any further questions about our expertise we would gladly answer them. You're welcome to contact us at: 

Thank you for your consideration!

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