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In the year 2019 RIC Novo mesto marked 60 years of operation, which shows continuity and solid integration in the environment, as well as flexibility, as we constantly accept new challenges. From an institution whose activity at the time of its establishment consisted only of programs for obtaining education, RIC Novo mesto grew into an Andragogical centre with a wide range of educational offers and a recognizable development activity. Our founder is the Municipality of Novo mesto.

We carry out the activity primarily for the people of the home municipality, but occasionally we also operate in neighbouring municipalities, as part of our projects are designed more widely. In recent years, activity has also increasingly targeted the area of the entire South-Eastern Region, Slovenia and Europe.

With our work, we provide adults with opportunities to obtain different levels of education (from primary school onwards), support and help with learning (counselling centre, centre for independent learning, knowledge exchange, learning support) and various knowledge for leisure and better quality of life.

For the implementation of formal and non-formal education programmes, the development of tour own programmes, the placement of new forms and possibilities of education and lifelong learning, project work and support activities in adult education and learning are carried out by a team of permanently employed experts and administrative and technical staff, project staff, public workers and numerous external staff.

We are involved in various partnerships, and since 2015 we are also members of the ZiSS - Association of Educational and Advisory Centres of Slovenia. We carefully plan and constantly improve various opportunities for adult learning and education, introduce modern pedagogical approaches, promote the professional competencies of our lecturers and provide a pleasant learning environment.

Come, look and see for yourself.

Gregor Sepaher,
Director of RIC Novo mesto


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