About Us

We are one of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia with more than 50 years of experience in working with adults. Our institute was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo mesto, the largest city of South-East Slovenia. We currently employ 27 people and cooperate with more than 130 regular external experts, teachers, mentors and researchers.

We develop and implement innovative formal and non-formal education programmes for different target groups:

  • general public
  • people living in rural areas
  • people with special needs
  • young adults,
  • the unemployed,
  • senior citizens,
  • the Roma population,
  • immigrants,
  • employees in the search of new training and education, etc.

As a public body, we work closely with a wide network of local, regional and national partners, such as municipalities, ministries, regional development agencies, chamber of commerce and industry, chamber of crafts, other adult education organisations, primary and secondary schools, higher education institutes and faculties, NGOs, enterprises, etc. Based on our project work, we cooperate with a network of international partners.

Our general programmes to gain formal education comprise primary school and secondary school for adults, as well as higher online education in cooperation with the Faculty Doba of Maribor. Furthermore, we organise non-formal vocational courses, computer and language courses and general adult education courses on various topics. We are also a representative office for European Business Competence* Licence/EBCL.

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