Generations in movement (GEM)

Project name: Generations in movement / Générations en mouvement (GEM)
Project duration period:
1. 1. 2013–31. 12. 2013
Funding value:
 114.880 eur
Funding sources:
European programme Europe for Citizens, Development and Education Centre Novo mesto and the Municipality of Novo mesto


Target group: older adults, youth

Summary (project goals and purpose)

Year 2013 was dedicated to European Union citizens and their rights. The project therefore comprised a variety of workshops promoting active European citizenship and inter-generational networking. Together with the partners from France and Great Britain we involved more than 600 European Union citizens in various activities. Older and younger adults were informed about the opportunities for work, education and training in Europe. We focused on young people with fewer opportunities, the elderly and persons seeking employment. At the lectures and workshops, they explored and learned about the opportunities for the participation in European programmes and exchanges, they were exchanging experiences, broadening and sharing knowledge, etc. Some of their experiences and initiatives were collected and published in the project brochure.

Project results

We created a learning environment that encouraged the encountering and coexistence of several generations, thus, by connecting young people and the elderly in joint activities, we encouraged intergenerational dialogue. We were especially careful when forming a support network, where the young generation helped the elderly at discovering all modern communication channels, while getting aware of the wealth of knowledge of older generations. Based on the experience in the project, the project week was outlined CMU – Centre for Intergenerational Learning, which has become a constant in our offer. The project result is also the project website.

The project manager was Maša Bučar, the coordinator of the Development and Education Centre Novo mesto. Further information about the project is available at




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