Plan Be: Active older volunteers

Plan Be was a two-year project that lasted from 1.9. 2015 to 1. 9. 2017 and contributed to the exchange and transfer of the experiences that our partners have in integrating older people into active life and, in particular, contributing to sustainable development.

The focus of the activity was on promoting an active ageing programme through active citizenship and participation in voluntary work and community activities, addressing issues such as European citizenship, nature and the environment, interculturalism and social inclusion.

The project was aimed at promoting active ageing and lifelong learning through the support of three clear components:

  1. promoting participation in volunteering and community activities as a key strategy for active ageing and active citizenship;
  2. developing and strengthening the competencies of adult teachers (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with a view to structure active ageing programme initiatives for older citizens;
  3. contributing to a positive impact on sustainable local development, taking older citizens into account as key factors.
Project partners:
  1. Freguesia de Cascais e Estoril, Portugal (lead partner)
  2. Associaacao Animam Voiventem, Portugal
  3. Kuusankosken Retkeillijat ry, Finland
  4. RIC Novo mesto, Slovenia
  5. Sinergia Societa Cooperativa So, Italy

Project results:

Presentation of the program


Training modules for the elderly




M1: Motivation and expectations


Pilot Test Report


M2: Conduct of mutual cooperation activities with peers




M3: Social communication tools and techniques




M4: Social inclusion




M5: Gender equality




M6: Culture and art




M7: Nature and environment




M8: Food and health




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