Rules on the use of web cookies

Most of the websites we visit today use cookies in one way or another to improve the user experience. Although the use of cookies is usually harmless, some people may take it as intrusive and therefore want to block some or all of the cookies or even delete cookies that have already been sent.

Please note that by using this website you agree to our use of cookies as described in these rules.

To make it easier for you to decide how to act or, to use cookies, you are welcome to read:

What is a cookie? | Setting cookies | Types of cookies | Our cookies | Turn off cookies

1. What is a cookie?

Piškotki so datoteke, ki jih spletna mesta ustvarijo med obiskom. V njih so shranjene nastavitve za spletno mesto, podatki o profilu in drugi podatki. Obstajata dve vrsti piškotkov: Piškotki domene so nastavljeni z domeno spletnega mesta v naslovni vrstici. Piškotki drugih mest so iz drugih virov domene, ki imajo na strani vdelane različne elemente, na primer oglase ali slike.

2. Setting and storing cookies

Cookies are files that can be set by the website you are visiting ("your cookies") or by a third party website that manages the content of the website you are viewing ("Third-party cookies").

Cookies can be stored for different lengths of time, just for the duration of the browsing session, or a lot longer.

  • Temporary or session cookies: A cookie that allows us to link your actions during a session in a browser. A browser session begins when you open a browser window and ends when you close it. Session cookies are created temporarily and are deleted when your browser window closes.
  • Persistent or permanent cookies: A cookie that remains on your device and is activated each time you visit the website that created that particular cookie.

3. Different types of cookies

There are four main types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are crucial as they allow you to move around the website and use the features of the website or to provide the services you have requested, for example, to store products that you have added to the online shopping cart. We do not need your permission to use these cookies.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember your choices (such as your username, language or the region in which you are located) and provide you with improved and more personal features. For example, a site may provide you with local weather forecasts or traffic news using a cookie to store information about the region in which you are currently located. It remembers your changes in text size, font, and other parts of the website that are flexible and provide you with the required services such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymized and these cookies cannot track your browsing activity on other websites.
  • Execution cookies: These cookies collect information about how you use the website. For example, which pages you visit most often and if you receive an error message from them. These cookies do not collect information that identifies you. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. This information is only used to improve the performance of the website.
  • Target cookies or third-party advertising cookies: These cookies are used to deliver ads that are more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of impressions of an individual ad, as well as to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They are usually installed by ad networks with the permission of the website operator. They remember that you visited the website and this information is passed on to other organizations such as advertisers. Targeted or advertising cookies can often be related to the functionality of a website provided by another organization. For more information on advertising cookies and online privacy, see the guide created by the online advertising industry and available at

4. What cookies do we use?

Our website uses Google Analytics implementation cookies exclusively to improve the user experience or site improvement.

In the case of a search, we use a Google search engine, which uses an execution cookie where it stores user search settings.

The table below indicates which persistent cookies are used by our website and what their purpose is.

Cookie name Duration Description
_utma 2 years after installation/update Records the difference between users and sessions.
_utmb 30 min from installation/update Records a new session or a new user.
_utmz 6 months after installation/update Specifies the source of traffic or campaign.
PREF 2 years after installation/update Google Search User Settings.


5. How to turn off cookies?

There are several ways to manage and control your cookie settings.

Remember that by deleting or blocking cookies, all or some of the websites you visit (or their functions) will not work properly or equally effectively.

If you disable a particular cookie, or if you delete all cookies, your preferences will not be saved and you will receive a cookie notification each time you visit our website. However, you may manage your cookie settings in your web browser as well as on third-party websites that place a cookie on your device through our websites.

Exclude cookies in your web browser

Most modern web browsers provide you with general information about cookies and allow you to view all of your cookies, allow you to delete all or individual cookies, and allow you to block or allow cookies for all websites or individually selected websites. You may also normally exclude individual third-party advertising cookies.

If you change your cookie settings in your web browser, unless you delete or block each cookie separately, the changes will apply to all websites you visit, not just our website. You will also need to customize your cookies for each browser separately.

Information about cookies is usually found in the 'Help' section of your web browser. Below are links to the 'Help' section in some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Exclude cookies from elsewhere

You can disable the cookies in use on our website according to the instructions by installing a special add-on (Opt-out Browser Add-on). Instructions for installing it can be found at the link below:

Please note that if you disable the implementation cookies that our website sets as a result of using Google Analytics, we will not be able to find out what people like about our website and what they do not. This will make it harder for us to improve our websites and your user experience.

If you change or delete your browser's cookie file, change or reward your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again.

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