e-Roma Resource (e-RR)

The main objective of the project, which ran from 1St January 2014 to 31st December 2015, was to promote, disseminate and exchange results and materials in the field of Roma integration in different spheres of social life. Based on our own experience and existing good practices, the project partners have developed an online platform that gathers information and links for educators, teachers, adult educators, social workers, healthcare professionals, project designers, field-specific experts, adult Roma, Roma pupils, etc. The site acts as an educational and information tool as well as a means of promoting the use of various materials.

We would like the new platform to also contribute to the more effective implementation of measures in the field of Roma adult education while contributing to preventing duplication of projects and investments by publishing project results.

We invite you to visit the online http://www.eromaresource.com/,where you can find information, materials, learn about the results of other projects and post your own. We will be pleased to let us know how we can improve it to make it even more useful to you.

Project partners:
  1. RIC Novo mesto, Slovenia (lead partner)
  2. People's University Kočevje, Slovenia
  3. Croatian Institute for The Dispatch, Grouped Editor Karlovac, Croatia
  4. ADICE – Association pour le développement des initiatives, France
  5. Trnavska univerzita, Trnava, Slovakia
  6. The Union of Associations MULTICULTURAL, Poland

Project results:

  1. Search, use, share and broaden horizons with e-Roma Resource
    Anthology of the e-Roma Resource Project and International Conference »Broadening Horizons – Experiences and Integration for Successful Roma Integration
  2. Search, use, share and broaden horizons with e-Roma
    Resource Publication of the e-Roma Resource Project and the international conference Broaden Horizons – Networks and Experiences for Successful Roma Inclusion
Video presentation of the e-Roma Resource project



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