EU Treasure Hunt

  1. RIC Novo mesto, Slovenia (lead partner)
  2. Institut für die Förderung von Mehrsprachigkeit, interkulturellen Kompetenzen und Gleichbehandlung, Austria
  3. Anazitisi Cultural Center, Cyprus
  4. Laboratorio del cittadino, Italy
  5. Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria "A Sangriña",Spain
  6. Pro Art & Co, United Kingdom
Target group

Young adults from the Project Learning for Young Adults (PUM) program

Project Summary

The EU Treasure Hunt project was carried out as part of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership campaign. The aim was to connect young people from different European countries and to discover a rich cultural heritage in each of the participating countries. It was intended for participants in the Project Learning program for young adults (PUM) in Novo Mesto. Over the course of the two-year project, participants, together with mentors, discovered European treasures on themes of art and crafts, history, architecture, and cuisine and actively participated in learning activities, preparation of materials and planning and implementation of mobility. By carrying out project activities, we offered participants numerous opportunities for general education, mobility to partner countries, the creation of social and cultural identity, we promoted personal growth and went beyond social exclusion.

Project results

In the project, we carried out 25 learning mobility (16 young people and 9 of their mentors), created a website and carried out a competition for the project logo. We also made two short films and posted them on YouTube (Atria of Novo mesto and  PUM Novo mesto – 2011/2012), printed a presentation brochure, designed promotional aprons and produced the didactic game Memory (you can see product photos in the gallery).

The project leaders were Maruša Bajt and Maja Regina. For more information about the project,

Project News Archive:

  1. PUM youths from Novo mesto have completed the search for a European treasure. Learn more about the event.
  2. In February 2013, the PUM youths were in London. Learn more about the event.
  3. At the end of November, we headed to Spain. Learn more about the event.
  4. In June 2012, PUM Novo mesto completed its second mobility. Two mentors and five participants in the PUM program attended the meeting in Vienna. The activities related to the topic of history. Learn more about the event.
  5. In February 2012, PUM Novo mesto carried out the first planned mobility. Two mentors and two participants in the PUM program attended the meeting in the Cypriot capital Nicosia. The red thread of activity led us along the path of art. Learn more about the event.

The project was funded by European Union with Lifelong Learning Program.




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