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With the project activities, we want to create fertile ground for the development of a new profession "Self-sufficiency motivator", which could be acquired based on the recognition of previously gained nonformal knowledge and experiences. Much attention will be devoted to the promotion of social inclusion of persons with fewer opportunities. By using an inclusive approach, we will contribute to the creation of a stimulating environment that responds to the needs of the wider community. In addition, we will promote »green« skills and the social responsibility of educational institutions, as we believe that self-sufficiency is not only a matter of the agricultural sector.


October 1st, 2022 – October 1st, 2024


Project goals and objectives

The main goal of the Grow your own tree project is to explore the possibilities and build the foundations for the development of a new profession profile called "Self-sufficiency Motivator".

For achieving the above-mentioned goal, the project will pursue the following specific goals:

  1. To empower 20 adult volunteers to start working on self-sufficiency and train for the role of " Self-sufficiency Motivator".
  2. To exchange and collect at least 30 best EU practices in the field of motivating our target group to acquire skills for self-sufficiency and subsequent independence.
  3. To establish a website where visitors will find basic information on how to take the first step towards food self-sufficiency and acquire the basic knowledge necessary for the entire process of self-sufficiency from seed to harvest.
  4. To present the achievements of the project to key stakeholders at the system level and explore the possibilities for establishing the profession of "Self-sufficiency Motivator" in the participating EU countries.


  • Razvojno izobraževalni center Novo mesto, Slovenija (leading partner)
  • PRISM, Italy


Katja Volf
040 439 745 

Simona Pavlin
05 907 57 11

The project is co-founded by the European Union from the Erasmus + Programme, KA210-VET - Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training


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