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The project ran from October 2016 to September 2018. It was run by I.E.R.F.O.P. Onlus in Italy. In addition, five partners participated:

  1. E.R.F.O.P. Onlus (European Institute for Research, Training and Vocational Guidance) – Lead Partner, Italy
  2. UNIWERSYTET LODZKI – partner, Poland
  4. VILNIAUS COLLEGE – Partner, Lithuania
  5. Development training centre Novo mesto – partner, Slovenia

The main objective of the project was to empower teachers and pupils, together with their family members, with practical skills that will enable them to meet their daily challenges in a sustainable way and effectively, improve their social inclusion and level of well-being in the education process.

Activities, results, and effects

To achieve project results and effects, we carried out the following activities:

  1. Transnational analysis
  2. Development of new methodologies and approaches for teachers/professionals in education
  3. Pilot implementation of the integration of new methods and approaches in primary schools
  4. The development of new learning tools and instructions for
  5. Electronic resources for teachers, families, and pupils (preparation of learning tools in e-form)

The results and effects are:

  1. Development of a teacher's ability to work directly individually with pupils and their family members
  2. Providing learning tools/tools for optimal social inclusion and learning environment
  3. Creating structured social inclusion models for schools and models for the learning environment – emphasis on model portability
  4. Creation of electronic tools/tools for audiences for the use of project results
  5. Preparation of guidance, which includes a scheme for the validation of competences in the context of social inclusion and teaching
  6. Reduction of school leave-out at the time of inclusion
  7. Promoting awareness that social inclusion and well-being is an important foundation for effective teaching and learning
  8. Providing a tool and method for teachers and pupils that encourages greater involvement of pupils in the educational process- managing the negative effects of social change- promotes the involvement of pupils and their families, enhances the awareness of pupils for inclusion (needs, values, emotions and patterns of behavior)- effective management of the emotions of the target groups, effective motivation of target groups
  9. Creating quality resources for education professionals
  10. Promoting the social cohesion of pupils, their families, and educators in their experiences
  11. Promotion of inclusion for disadvantaged persons/persons with special needs

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