Recognition of Experience, Validation of Experience, Achievements and Learning

Purpose of the project

The fact that currently, only 4.3% of adults with low formal education in the EU participate in lifelong learning creates the need to promote and support a learning society and the need to help bridge the gap in the evaluation of informal, non-formal and formal learning, particularly to reach the most vulnerable and discriminated groups in society.

Project Duration

1.9. 2020 - 31. 8. 2023

The objective of the project

The objectives of the REVEAL project are multifaceted, namely:

  1. providing support to existing non-formal and formal networks to become active networks for the recognition of non-formal learning
  2. exploring the possibility of linking (non-formal) 'recognition' and (formal) 'validation' as a means of removing the current barriers to evaluation

THE REVEAL will build on existing and emerging practices with the support of open badges and their use in social innovation to remove barriers to recognition, promote new learning and career paths based on real-life experiences, with a focus on adults with low levels of formal education, employed in deprived workplaces, early school leavers and long-term unemployed, especially women and migrants.


  1. Espace Mendèwith France (France), lead partner
  2. Open Recognition Netherlands (Netherlands)
  3. AKMI (Greece)
  4. RIC Novo Mesto (Slovenia)
  5. Cognizone (Belgium)
  6. PRISM (Italy)

Tina Kržišnik
05 907 57 18

The project is co-financed by the European Union from Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnerships


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