Cooperation for Roma Health (SORO)

The project ran from 27.2. 2015 to 30. 4. 2016. The objectives that we followed in the project were to increase the information and awareness of the Roma population in the field of health, to increase participation in preventive health care programmes among Roma, to improve the communication of public workers working with the Roma, to coordinate and increase inter-institutional cooperation and cooperation with NGOs, to place mobile health service funding in Roma settlements under a public funding system and to support the sustainability of the Roma coordinator's work.

As part of the project, by developing and introducing programmes for vulnerable Roma groups, we have contributed to reducing health disparities between the Roma and the general population. These programmes are:

  1. Training for healthcare professionals and the professional public,
  2. Presentation of the health system and health insurance,
  3. Health-beneficial foods,
  4. Healthcare for Roma pre-school children,
  5. Spreading a healthy lifestyle to prevent addiction.

In addition to the programmes, we carried out a promotional campaign to make Roma more public awareness of the importance of general health and healthy lifestyles.

Interesting posts about our work can be found on the project's Facebook page.

Project partners:

  1. People's University Kočevje, Slovenia (lead partner)
  2. RIC Novo mesto, Slovenia
  3. Municipality of Kočevje, Slovenia
  4. Municipality of Novo mesto, Slovenia
  5. Health Centre Kočevje, Slovenia
  6. Health Centre Novo mesto, Slovenia
  7. Roma Society Romano Veseli, Slovenia
  8. Landsforeningen for Pårørende innen Psykisk Helse, Norway

Brigita Herženjak
07 393 45 56, 031 746 001


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