Upskillead - Upskilling Adult Educators Digital Lead

In a rapidly changing digital world, adult educators also face increasingly complex and different classroom situations. They have shown that they need different competencies, especially in the ICT field, as the environment and technology are changing rapidly. In this way, adult educators must be able to adapt more quickly to changes and integrate ICT technology into all types of education. The main objective of the project is to modernize the competencies of adult ICT educators and their use in the learning process. In the project, we developed and developed a list of key competencies, curriculum and learning materials, the Open badges system for competence assessment, an e-platform with e-Academy and a program with e-materials for the development of adult educators.

  1. Development training centre Novo mesto, Slovenia
  2. Pixel, Italy
  3. Euni Partners, Bulgaria
  4. Emphasys Centre, Cyprus
  5. INBIE - Research and Innovation in EducationInstitute, Poland
  6. DRPDNM - Society for the Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto, Slovenia

You are invited to visit the project website and  Facebook profile.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnerships.


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