Adult counseling 2015


15. 4. 2015–31. 10. 2015


Expanded project team:

  • RIC Novo mesto
  • Kočevje People's University
  • Employment Service, OS Novo mesto
  • Prison Institute Ljubljana Department - Novo mesto Department
  • SEP production and services, d.o.o.

Target group

The priority target groups of the project were adults who have completed a maximum of four years of secondary school and are:

  • employees aged 45 and over,
  • unemployed, aged 50 and over,
  • young adults who have left early education, Roma, people with disabilities, migrants, convicts.

Project Summary

The aim of the project was to empower vulnerable target groups and involve them in education or to help them on their way to getting a job.

The objectives of the project were:

  • inform about education and learning and employment opportunities in the region and thus increase motivation for further activities, help to develop a clear objective (what customers want on a personal, professional level),
  • be involved in the procedures for identifying and evaluating non-formal knowledge, ( certificate) on the development of key competences (foreign language skills, computer science, learning learning, career planning...) which can help them find a job or progress in the workplace,
  • monitor the realisation of activities and thus support clients in achieving their objectives (inclusion in formal education, obtaining a qualification giving an authentic instrument, such as national professional qualification of the NPK, specialisation, foreign language certificate, ECDL certificate, inclusion in other forms of education or training, employment).

Project results

At the level of direct advisory work:

  • involved 215 participants in the consultancy (500 consultancy services provided),
  • 84 certificates on the UVNZ procedures carried out and an opinion on the development of competencies,
  • 22 % of clients are involved in publicly valid education/training or obtaining a qualification giving a public charter (they were mainly included in the primary school programme for adults, secondary adult programmes or NPK programmes),
  • 6 % were enrolled in programmes (and/or in the UVNPZ procedure) to obtain a certificate from computer science or a foreign language or to obtain another public document,
  • 66 % of clients are involved in other forms of education/training, notable activities in the Self-Learning Centre, computer science courses, in particular free opportunities that exist in the environment with a view to acquiring or upgrading skills to increase competitiveness in the labour market, work and/or personal development,
  • 4% of customers took a job with our help.
  • In addition to direct consulting work, the project also achieved the following results:
  • Designed advisory tool My Plan.
  • Two 4-hour training sessions for consultants and partners on the procedures for identifying and evaluating informally acquired skills.
  • 8 animation workshops carried out to involve audiences in the consultancy.
  • Realized 29 posts in various media.
  • Evaluations carried out with project contracting authorities, partners and clients involved.

The project manager was Tina Strnad. For more information about the project,

Attachments - documents:

The operation was partly financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The operation was carried out under the Operational Programme for human resources development, 3. development priorities: Human resources development and lifelong learning; priority orientations 3.1. Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training systems and calling for co-financing of adult counselling 2015.

Funder European Union from the European Structural Fund and the Sloveninan Ministry of education, science and sport.


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