Project ZDRAVO - Raising health awareness of Roma women

The activities in the project were mainly aimed at helping, raising awareness, counselling and caring for at-risk, excluded, vulnerable Roma groups with a focus on the health of Roma adolescent women and children.

The project was led by the Red Cross of Slovenia, Regional Association Novo mesto, and the partners were the Health Centre Novo mesto and the RIC Novo mesto.

During both years of the project we implemented prevention programmes for children: Programs “Emotions”, “Identifying Violence”, “Gender Differences Are Culturally Conditioned”, “Constructive Conflict Resolution” and “Cultural Diversity” were developed in the project “Early Marriage – Culture or Abuse?

In addition to the programmes, we also carried out consulting in the largest Roma settlements Žabjek and Brezje and settlements Šmihel, Ob potoku, Šentjernej and Dobruška vas. In the families, while carrying out various activities (mainly cooking, cleaning at home and surroundings, gardening), the consultants raised awareness of the importance of a healthy diet for the health of family members, the importance of personal hygiene and the importance of home care. We also informed Roma about the importance of the health insurance card and motivated them to obtain one, the selection of a personal physician, dentist and gynaecologist.

In the project, we also raised awareness of the healthy and safe sex life of Roma women with an emphasis on preventing early pregnancies and conducted various lectures (“Growing up and puberty”, “Physical changes in girls”, “Contraception”, “Sexually transmitted diseases”, “Pregnancy and childbirth”, “Afterbirth – caring for the child”, “Nutrition”, “Care”, “Presentation of work in the gynaecological department”, “Presentation of prevention programs” and “Gynecology examination”) and carried out medical education advice on the ground.

The employees of the project formed personal professional networks and developed an interest in working in the field of solving Roma thematics. We also established a network of participating institutions and experts, working together with various public and non-governmental institutions and individuals.

Activities in the project ran until 30.9. 2018.

More information on the project can be obtained at

The project was funded by the Slovenian Ministry of health.


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