Introduction of a model for the identification and evaluation of informal adult knowledge (UVNPZ)

Duration: 1. 1. 2013−31. 3. 2014


Target group:

Adults of the South-East-country region, especially vulnerable adult target groups: employed, unemployed, adults in adult education, ethnic groups, migrants and persons serving prison sentences.

Project Summary

Informal knowledge acquired as a complement to formal knowledge has invaluable value in today's society. The evaluation of informal knowledge and experience enables an individual to:

  • furthering education or reintegration into formal education,
  • recognition of professional competence (NPK) in the labour market,
  • greater flexibility in the labour market,
  • raising employability,
  • increased labour market mobility,
  • development and career change,
  • development of lifelong learning competencies,
  • an evaluation of knowledge and experience for the individual's own interest in making different decisions in professional and personal life,
  • guidance and advice for further education.

Project results

  • 2 consultants for the evaluation of informal skills and 1 informant,
  • we carried out 17 targeted presentations of the purpose of the project, with a focus on the importance of evaluating informal knowledge, produced 14 plans to implement the informal skills evaluation model and carried out more than 25 additional presentations of the project,
  • the process of identifying and evaluating informal knowledge was completed with 238 candidates, all candidates received a certificate of involvement in the process and an opinion on the informal knowledge they received,
  • we have distributed promotional printed material – ACS leaflets in the volume of 1500 copies,
  • we have prepared special promotional material (newspaper) "Since your knowledge is worth it, let it become visible" in the circulation of 40,000 copies and distributed at the local, regional and national level,
  • we carried out 2 major presentations of the project at the local level within the so-called Regional Festival zaTE (professional event at the start of the project and round table at the end of the project),
  • with the contribution, we actively participated in the final conference in Ljubljana,
  • we have created a web page of the project,
  • the project manager was the co-author of the book Identifying, Evaluating and Recognising informal and informal knowledge of adults.

The project manager was Tea Sulič.

For more information about the project,


Funder: European Social Fund and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


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