Project Learning for Young Adults (PUM)

Project name: Project Learning for Young Adults

Target group

young people aged 15 to 26 who haven’t completed primary or secondary education and are registered at the Employment Service

Summary (project goals and purpose)

PUM is a programme for young people, so-called early school leavers or drop-outs, who dropped out of school and would like to complete it. It is also aimed at those who need help in finding a job. It is about getting to know a different, exciting and attractive learning while dynamic work contents bring fun experiences and encouragement for active job search, continuing education and achieving a variety of personal goals. Learning takes place in the form of project work, which enables young people to create and work in accordance with their wishes, interests and abilities. Mentors who work in the programme, give advice on the continuation of the abandoned education, and they accompany the participants to formal offices (arranging the status of residence in the Republic of Slovenia, learning Slovenian as a foreign language, etc.).

Project results

In two school years, 55 different participants were involved. In the first year we had 27 participants and in the second year 38 (10 of whom progressed from one academic year to another). Of these, 42 (65%) were successful, 15 (23%) were partly successful and 8 (12%) were unsuccessful. In more than 2,268 education hours we carried out 9 different teaching projects (PUM masks, Festive PUM bazaar, PUM bakes, Promotional PUM brochure, Playground for theatre, Our benches, etc.) and 12 different extra-curricular activities (RIC market, PUM Facebook, creative workshops, sports and recreation, gardening, culture, entertainment, culinary workshops, ICT workshops, social skills, mind and social games, photography and video recording. We participated in some single actions (Symbiosis, the Centre of intergenerational learning (CMU), TVU and the learning Parade, Regional Festival forYOU (zaTE), excursions to Bled and Zagreb, a professional event EPOU Young people between school and employment, etc.).

Throughout the implementation, we also carried out individual projects - learning and activities to achieve personal goals: the participants realized individual objectives, stated in their personal education plans. The participants engaged in schoolwork – they devoted their time to attending examinations in individual subjects, as well as the final and Matura exams to complete their secondary education, using the benefit of mentors’ learning support at PUM programme, the assistance of the Guidance Centre Novo mesto and the assistance available at the Centre for Independent Learning. They also wrote job applications, they were preparing for the interviews with employers, etc. Some participants had the objective to pass the first aid examination as a condition for performing driving tests, CPP tests (Road and Traffic Regulations) and obtaining a driver's license.

The programme was being carried out by three mentors, namely, Zvonka Potočar, Petra Piletič and Maja Regina.

The project manager was Maja Regina. Further information about the project is available at


Funding sources: the Employment Service of Slovenia and the European Social Fund


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