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As a local SVOS point, RIC Novo mesto offers you the possibility to give you a free assessment of your skills using the Skills Assessment Online Questionnaire – SVOS.

We cooperate with the Andragogy Center of Slovenia in carrying out an individual assessment of skills of adults, which is discreet and free of charge. The assessment of skills is carried out with the help of the online instrument SVOS, which has been adapted for the Slovenian space by the Andragogy centre of Slovenia, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Social Fund.

What is SVOS?

SVOS – Skills Assessment Online Questionnaire is a standardised online instrument for individual skills assessment that can be used to assess your own skills free of charge.   It is suitable for adults of all ages and is intended for individual evaluation.

It offers reliable and valid skills assessments in several areas:

  • mathematical and textual tasks,
  • tasks relating to the ability to use technology in problem-solving and performing challenging tasks,
  • the question of professional interests and intentions, personal well-being and health,
  • your assessment of the use of skills at work and everyday life.

The tasks and their complexity are constantly adjusted according to the individual's performance of the resolution of previously solved tasks. The testing results are secret and anonymous.

What will the results tell you?

After the test is complete, you will receive reports of your skills.

  • You will find out what you are good at and what skills you can improve,
  • Descriptive reports will help you make further learning and education decisions,
  • You will find out how much your interests match your current or desired employment,
  • You will find out your level of willingness to seek new job opportunities and develop your career,
  • you will receive recommendations on a healthy lifestyle.

Read more here.

How the testing is done?

To access the questionnaire, you need a token that can be obtained at the local point to perform SVOS evaluations,  where we guarantee:

  • free access to the SVOS questionnaire resolution,
  • a quiet space for carrying out assessments and necessary technical equipment,
  • support during and after the solving of the test,
  • interpretation of the results obtained, if the individual chooses to do so,
  • advice for appropriate education and skills development.

We invite you to assess your own skills. The SVOS is available online, contact your local SVOS point for access to the questionnaire and further information:

Tina Kržišnik
t: 05 907 57 18e:

Katarina Rožman
t: 07 393 45 65m: 031 746 003e:

Read more about the project here.

The operation is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.


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