Symbiosis was the largest voluntary project organised by the Ypsilon Institute, based on intergenerational cooperation, solidarity and the promotion of lifelong learning. Young volunteers at free workshops across Slovenia inspired representatives of the older generation over the use of computers and the Internet. The main purpose of the campaign was to enable older people to have a positive computer experience, to inspire and enhance their self-esteem, to motivate them to continue learning and to use the computer and the Internet.

Our institution joined The Symbiosis project in 2013. We are extremely pleased with the project, as we have addressed young and older people; we called on young people to volunteer and encouraged older people to get involved in lifelong learning, thus raising the level of quality of their lives.

RIC Novo mesto participated in 2016 in the all-Slovene Campaign Symbiosis School and for the third year conducted free computer science workshops.

Contractors: volunteers

Implementation date: 18th - 22nd April 2016


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