Prevention of addiction among young Roma (SRAP)


1. 7. 2010–30. 6. 2013

Target group
  • Roma youth,
  • professionals who are faced with Roma youth in their work (health, social, education, employment),
  • important political decision-makers in the environment.

Project Summary

The project achieved transnational added value as the partners improved their understanding of the way in which young Roma live and their specific characteristics in drug use through joint research. Among young Roma, through workshops to strengthen life skills, we have strengthened awareness of healthy lifestyles, informed them about prevention and addiction treatment, and motivated them to actively engage in various activities. In the project, the partners produced a manual for professionals who are meeting the Roma population on drugs and addiction in their work.

Project objectives

  • improve the understanding of Roma youth's attitude towards drug addiction and use through research,
  • transfer of survey results to other European countries and compare the results between them,
  • strengthening life skills to prevent drug addiction among young Roma,
  • increase the sensitivity of health professionals to work with different cultural representatives,
  • raising awareness among health, social and education and local communities of the specific needs of Roma young people in relation to addiction prevention,
  • promoting research and finding new approaches to drug prevention among young Roma.

Project results

The project manager was Marjeta Gašperšič. For more information about the project,

Project News Archive:

The project was funded by EAHC – Executive Agency for Health and Consumers. The own share of the project was provided through the resources of MIZŠ, the Novo mesto town municipality and its own resources.



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