ET-struct - Economic Educational Territorial Structure

... connecting education and the economy for regional growth and stability ...

The ET-struct project connected 17 partners from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, and Ukraine. The three-year-long project totalling EUR 2.5 million expired at the end of March 2013. Its aim was to improve the employment situation in individual regions by offering future and already employed employees’ new educational opportunities to acquire the skills that regional labour markets really need.

The ET-struct project was created in response to the European Commission's "New Skills for New Jobs" initiative, which aims to balance skills with labour market needs. In order to achieve this initiative, the Trans-National Partnership Et-struct has set out the following objectives:

  1. ET-struct brought together three main players that dictate future development and economic growth in each region: political institutions, the economy and education and training institutions. In doing so, the partnership has established lasting trans-European links that will enable faster response and joint resolution of future employment problems in Central Europe.
  2. ET-struct has developed a catalogue of skills that are most desirable and necessary for successful human resources development in individual regions.
  3. ET-struct has developed new, innovative educational programs for classical and self-learning online, based on the real needs of the regional labour market.

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In addition to RIC Novo mesto, the ET-struct project includes Slovenian partners: the People's University of Kočevje and the BSC-Development Agency Gorenjska. In addition, as part of the project, RIC Novo mesto also connected with the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina.


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The project was carried out under the Central Europe programme, partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.



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